Mustafa Aydogan, PhD

Asst. Professional Researcher
Biochemistry and Biophysics

Cytoplasmic division cycles without the nucleus and mitotic CDK/cyclin complexes.


Bakshi A, Iturra FE, Alamban A, Rosas-Salvans M, Dumont S, Aydogan MG

Centriole distal-end proteins CP110 and Cep97 influence centriole cartwheel growth at the proximal end.

Journal of cell science

Aydogan MG, Hankins LE, Steinacker TL, Mofatteh M, Saurya S, Wainman A, Wong SS, Lu X, Zhou FY, Raff JW

Autonomous clocks that regulate organelle biogenesis, cytoskeletal organization, and intracellular dynamics.


Mofatteh M, Echegaray-Iturra F, Alamban A, Dalla Ricca F, Bakshi A, Aydogan MG

An Autonomous Oscillation Times and Executes Centriole Biogenesis.


Aydogan MG, Steinacker TL, Mofatteh M, Wilmott ZM, Zhou FY, Gartenmann L, Wainman A, Saurya S, Novak ZA, Wong SS, Goriely A, Boemo MA, Raff JW

Evidence that a positive feedback loop drives centrosome maturation in fly embryos.


Alvarez-Rodrigo I, Steinacker TL, Saurya S, Conduit PT, Baumbach J, Novak ZA, Aydogan MG, Wainman A, Raff JW

A homeostatic clock sets daughter centriole size in flies.

The Journal of cell biology

Aydogan MG, Wainman A, Saurya S, Steinacker TL, Caballe A, Novak ZA, Baumbach J, Muschalik N, Raff JW

Drosophila Ana1 is required for centrosome assembly and centriole elongation.

Journal of cell science

Saurya S, Roque H, Novak ZA, Wainman A, Aydogan MG, Volanakis A, Sieber B, Pinto DM, Raff JW

Research Area: 
Adipocyte and Metabolism