Funded Investigators

Pilot and Feasibility Funded Investiagtors (2019-2023)

2023 Funded Investigators

Proposal Title

Teresa Chen MD Contributions of Body Composition to Cystatin C versus Creatinine-based GFR estimation in South Asian Adults 
Amanda E. Downey MD

Changes in body composition during nutritional rehabilitation by 3-dimensional optical imaging

Joni Nikkanen PhD (UC Berkeley)

Neuronal Regulation of Systemic Lipid Metabolism

2022 Funded Investigators

Proposal Title

Ana Paula Arruda PhD (UC Berkeley) Regulation of adipocyte calcium dynamics in physiology and metabolic disease.
Mustafa G. Aydogan PhD

Unravelling a mitochondrial oxidant signal that acts as a metabolic switch at the onset of morphogenesis

Ayca Erkin-Cakmak MD

Ana Maria Mora-Wyrobrek MD, PhD (UC Berkeley)

NORC-EaRTH Joint Funding

Prenatal and Mid-childhood Exposure to Mixtures of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Cardiometabolic Health in Mexican-American Young Adults from the CHAMACOS Cohort

Marrie Heffern PhD (UC Davis) Determining the Interplay C-peptide and Copper Deficiency in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Diana Kuo PhD (UC Davis) Investigating the systemic benefits of Gc inhibition
Rachel M. Radin PhD Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Binge Eating, and Metabolic Profiling: A Feasibility Study

Joshua Robinson PhD 

NORC-EaRTH Joint Funding

Investigating the role of perfluorinated alkylated substances in diglyceride acyltransferase inhibition and lipid metabolic dysfunction
Neel Singhal MD, PhD Uncovering the role of PATJ in energy homeostasis

2021 Funded Investigators

Proposal Title

Isha Jain PhD Metabolic Inspiration from Yest: SREBP1 as a Mammalian Oxygen Sensor
Cristin Kearns DDS Sugar Industry Influence on B Vitamin Research and Policy: A Pilot Study

John Yoon PhD (UC Davis)

Control of systemic energy balance via brown fat mitochondrial regulation

2020 Funded Investigators

Proposal Title

Sagar Bapat MD PhD Mechanistic Elucidation of Obesity-Associated Asthma
Maria Chondronikola PhD (UC Davis) The Effect of Time-REstricted Eating in Cardiometabolic Health in People with Obesity and Prediabetes
Emily Goldberg PhD Neutrophilic Control of Metaboism during Lipotoxicity
Candice Price PhD (UC Davis) Exploring the associaiton between circulating microRNA and the development of insulin resistance in Black and White women of the National Growth and Health Study (NGHS)

2019 Funded Investigators

Proposal Title

James Bayrer MD, PhD Nuclear hormone regulation of enteroendocrine cell development and metabolic homeostasis
Qili Liu, PhD Homeostatic regulation of protein intake and its role in obesity
Martina Steurer-Mueller MD The impact of type of nutrition on the metabolome of preterm infants
Martin Valdearcos Contreras PhD Exploring the gut microbiota-microglia interaction in early-life metabolic programming of obesity