Nutrition Obesity Research Center
Promoting and growing research in obesity, nutrition, and metabolism at UCSF and throughout Northern California.

The University of California San Francisco's Nutrition and Obesity Research Center (NORC) integrates multiple research programs in areas of nutrition, obesity and metabolism. For more than 15 years, UCSF has actively expanded its research base in this critical subject area. Today, that research base is very robust but with a NORC-supported administrative and facilities infrastructure that coordinates and expands diverse research programs at UCSF into an interdisciplinary whole. 

Collaborative, integrated programs

The UCSF NORC includes 58 senior and early-stage investigators from 22 departments and 4 schools across 7 UCSF campuses as well as UC Berkeley. The center's collective goal is to define the underlying mechanisms of disease and to significantly contribute to the prevention and treatment of obesity and its complications. The UCSF NORC achieves its goal by providing collective research facilities, a lecture program that fosters interactions amongst laboratories conducting cellular, animal, translational, clinical and epidemiologic research, pilot funding for new and interdisciplinary research directions plus administrative infrastructure that promotes these integrative goals.

The UCSF NORC is one of 11 research centers to NIH NORC Central.