Membership information

The purpose of the UCSF-NORC will be to promote and grow research in obesity, nutrition, and metabolism at UCSF and throughout northern California. This will be realized by:

  • Maintaining, improving, and promoting the interactions and collaborations of researchers in the field with each other and with those outside the field.
  • Supporting the maintenance and evolution of state-of-the-art Research Cores to meet the needs of obesity, nutrition, and metabolism research.
  • Facilitating the development of new research directions and the entry of new researchers into the field via Pilot & Feasibility opportunities.
  • Enriching the NORC research community through pertinent educational forums and other venues that support the development and maintenance of research interactions.
  • Integrating administrative support to ensure that the infrastructure meets the needs of the local obesity, nutrition and metabolism research community.

Application for membership can be self-initiated or proposed by any existing NORC member and will be considered by the NORC Executive Committee. Membership criteria for inclusion include the following.

Membership criteria

  • The candidate’s research program must concur with UCSF-NORC programs and goals.
  • The candidate and her/his research program should be interactive, as broadly defined, with the programs of other UCSF-NORC members. The candidate should contribute to and benefit from UCSF-NORC activities (Enrichment Program, Biomedical Cores, and Pilot and Feasibility program).
  • For senior investigators, there must be evidence of extramural funding (with priority given to NIH funding) in a nutrition, obesity, and/or metabolism research program.
  • For junior investigators, there must be evidence of a NORC-focused research program with a likelihood of eventual extramural (e.g., NIH) funding. NORC Pilot & Feasibility grant awardees automatically become NORC members.
  • All criteria are weighed according to the seniority of the investigators. 
NORC membership is reviewed annually by NORC Director and the Executive members. Members that no longer fit the criteria above will be reviewed by the NORC Executive Committee and considered for removal.