Enrichment Programs

Seminars I Retreats


The Enrichment Program will enhance scientific exchange and thereby foster interconnections and collaborations amongst NORC investigators. A particular focus of the UCSF-NORC Enrichment Program is to bring together basic and clinical research at UCSF. The Enrichment Program will provide those educational opportunities through the sponsorship of visiting lecturers, internal lectures open to the public and an annual retreat. The Enrichment Program will thereby provide integrative and comprehensive educational forums in which current and emerging topics in nutrition, obesity, and metabolism research are brought to the attention of, and discussed by, NORC investigators, members and trainees of their laboratories, and with others throughout the UCSF community at large.

Specifically, the UCSF-NORC Enrichment Program will:

  • Promote scientific exchange among UCSF-NORC investigators.
  • Promote interactions between UCSF-NORC investigators and other UCSF investigators with relevant expertise and/or interests in nutrition and obesity.
  • Enhance the training of researchers in fields related to obesity and nutritional sciences.
  • Advance translational research in obesity and nutritional sciences at UCSF.

These aims will be achieved by administering and providing financial support to key NORC-relevant activities, such as lectures, seminars, retreats, and symposiums.

Benefits of the Enrichment Program

The activities of the UCSF-NORC Enrichment Program will serve to create a cohesive scientific community focused on obesity- and nutrition-related research. Not only will the seminars, visiting professors, journal clubs, retreats, and other meetings serve to educate about the ongoing scientific progress in the fields of obesity and nutrition, they will also be a chance for clinicians and basic scientists to meet, discuss and exchange ideas, and potentially establish productive collaborations. The program will also allow for trainees to be exposed to and have the chance to participate in the obesity and nutritional research being conducted at UCSF. Indeed, given the major strength and broad reach of the UCSF-NORC research base (Table C and attachment-relation to Overall NORC), the training Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to conduct research in nutrition and/or obesity will be an integral activity of the Center. This interaction between T32 training programs and the NORC will be further facilitated by the presence of four T32 Directors on the NORC Internal Advisory Board, who will provide advice on an ongoing basis on ways to enhance these interactions.