Past Seminars

10/24/2019 Research seminar on metabolism, diabetes and NASH in a dash Christos Mantzoros, MD, PhD Harvard Medical School
10/03/2019 Strategies for Biomarker Discovery in T2D and Obesity in high risk populations Diana Alba, MD, PhD UCSF
9/19/2019 Glucose intolerance in mice offspring generated by IVF Paolo Rinaudo, MD UCSF
9/12/2019 Loss of ZnF148 enhances beta cell function Eleonara DeKlerk, PhD Hebrok Lab, UCSF
9/5/2019 PhIP-seq Autoantibody Discovery in APS1 & Diabetes Sara Vasquez, MSTP Graduate Student Anderson Lab, UCSF

Immune Tolerance Mediated by Extrathymic Aire-Expressing Cells

James Gardner, MD, PhD Sandler Fellow, Transplant Surgery, UCSF
5/30/2019 The role of Aire in the secretion of regulartory T-cells Vivek Shenoy, PhD Fellow, Sneddon Lab, UCSF
5/9/2019 Characterization of Beige Fat Progenitors by Single-Cell Analyses Yasuo Oguri, PhD Kajimura Lab, UCSF
5/2/2019 Autoimmunity caused by a novel dominant mutation in aire Yi Wang, PhD Anderson Lab, UCSF
3/28/2019 Dissecting the epigenetic regulation of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma Laura Leonhart, PhD Hebrok Lab, UCSF
3/21/2019 Designing Regulatory T cell Therapies for Type 1 Diabetes Leonardo Ferreira, PhD Tang Lab, UCSF
3/14/2019 Peripheral Nervous System of the Developing Pancreas Sean de la O, Graduate Student Sneddon Lab, UCSF
3/7/2019 Sox9 Regulates Pancreatic Beta Cell Function Sapna Puri, PhD Hebrok Lab, UCSF
2/21/2019 The role of GLIS3 in human beta cell development Youngjin Kim, PhD Hebrok Lab, UCSF
1/31/2019 Exploring new methods for spatial sequencing Youjin Lee, PhD Marson Lab, UCSF
1/17/2019 Developing syngeneic NOD tumor models to profile immunotoxicity and anti-tumor immunity in response to cancer immunotherapies Arabella Young, Postdoc Bluestone Lab, UCSF
1/10/2019 Targeted elimination of senescent beta cells prevents Type 1 diabetes Peter J.Thompson, Postdoc Bhushan Lab, UCSF
12/13/2018 Modeling mouse and human thymus development using single-cell transcriptomic Jhoanne Bautista, Postdoctoral Fellow Anderson Lab, UCSF
11/1/2018 A gut-derived signaling pathway that enhances short term associative learning George A. Lemiuex, Associate Specialist Ashrafi Lab
10/4/2018 Obesity dysregulates PPARγ-mediated mitochondrial metabolism to drive immunopathology Sagar Bapat, Resident Marson Lab, UCSF
9/27/2018 Rewiring Immune Cell Genomes for Genetic and Cellular Therapies in Type 1 Diabetes Theo Roth, Graduate Student Marson Lab, UCSF
9/20/2018 Smpd3 promotes tumorigenesis and regulates chemo-resistance of pancreatic tumors Audrey Hendley, Postdoc Hebrok Lab, UCSF
5/24/2018 The role of Brown fat in BCAA metabolism Takeshi Yoneshiro, Post Doc Kajimura Lab, UCSF