Brian Feldman, MD, PhD

Pilot & Feasibility Core Director
+1 415 514-0610

Brian Feldman, MD, PhD
Walter L. Miller Distinguished Professor
University of California, San Francisco
Department of Pediatrics
Division of Pediatric Endocrinology

A major focus of the Feldman Laboratory is to elucidate previously unrecognized paracrine and endocrine signaling pathways that regulate stem cell fate and differentiation decisions. We are particularly interested in identifying novel pathways that modulate body composition and metabolism. We apply molecular, cellular and in vivo approaches to define these physiological signals as well as examine how perturbations in these pathways can lead to diseases such as diabetes.


Repurposing mebendazole against triple-negative breast cancer CNS metastasis.

Journal of neuro-oncology

Rodrigues AJ, Chernikova SB, Wang Y, Trinh TTH, Solow-Cordero DE, Alexandrova L, Casey KM, Alli E, Aggarwal A, Quill T, Koegel AK, Feldman BJ, Ford JM, Hayden-Gephart M

Repurposing mebendazole against triple-negative breast cancer leptomeningeal disease.

Research square

Rodrigues A, Chernikova SB, Wang Y, Trinh TTH, Solow-Cordero DE, Alexandrova L, Casey KM, Alli E, Aggarwal A, Quill T, Koegel A, Feldman BJ, Ford JM, Hayden-Gephart M

Identification of an adipose tissue-resident pro-preadipocyte population.

Cell reports

Chen M, Kim S, Li L, Chattopadhyay S, Rando TA, Feldman BJ

MYH9 facilitates autoregulation of adipose tissue depot development.

JCI insight

Cheung SY, Sayeed M, Nakuluri K, Li L, Feldman BJ

A Novel Radioligand Reveals Tissue Specific Pharmacological Modulation of Glucocorticoid Receptor Expression with Positron Emission Tomography.

ACS chemical biology

Huang Y, Zhao N, Wang YH, Truillet C, Wei J, Blecha JE, VanBrocklin HF, Seo Y, Sayeed M, Feldman BJ, Aggarwal R, Behr SC, Shao H, Wilson DM, Villanueva-Meyer JE, Gestwicki JE, Evans MJ

A novel platform for isotype-specific testing of autoantibodies.

PloS one

Carter KL, Treurnicht A, Davis KL, Kumar RB, Feldman BJ

The Circadian Clock Regulates Adipogenesis by a Per3 Crosstalk Pathway to Klf15.

Cell reports

Aggarwal A, Costa MJ, Rivero-Gutiérrez B, Ji L, Morgan SL, Feldman BJ

Macrophage-released ADAMTS1 promotes muscle stem cell activation.

Nature communications

Du H, Shih CH, Wosczyna MN, Mueller AA, Cho J, Aggarwal A, Rando TA, Feldman BJ

Identification of tumor-autonomous and indirect effects of vitamin D action that inhibit breast cancer growth and tumor progression.

The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology

Aggarwal A, Feldman D, Feldman BJ

Amphetamines promote mitochondrial dysfunction and DNA damage in pulmonary hypertension.

JCI insight

Chen PI, Cao A, Miyagawa K, Tojais NF, Hennigs JK, Li CG, Sweeney NM, Inglis AS, Wang L, Li D, Ye M, Feldman BJ, Rabinovitch M

A glucocorticoid- and diet-responsive pathway toggles adipocyte precursor cell activity in vivo.

Science signaling

Wong JC, Krueger KC, Costa MJ, Aggarwal A, Du H, McLaughlin TL, Feldman BJ

Tumor Autonomous Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency Promote Breast Cancer Metastasis.


Williams JD, Aggarwal A, Swami S, Krishnan AV, Ji L, Albertelli MA, Feldman BJ

Vitamin D mitigates the adverse effects of obesity on breast cancer in mice.

Endocrine-related cancer

Swami S, Krishnan AV, Williams J, Aggarwal A, Albertelli MA, Horst RL, Feldman BJ, Feldman D

Mifepristone Treatment of Cushing's Syndrome in a Pediatric Patient.


Banerjee RR, Marina N, Katznelson L, Feldman BJ

Inhibition of Mouse Breast Tumor-Initiating Cells by Calcitriol and Dietary Vitamin D.

Molecular cancer therapeutics

Jeong Y, Swami S, Krishnan AV, Williams JD, Martin S, Horst RL, Albertelli MA, Feldman BJ, Feldman D, Diehn M

BMPR2 preserves mitochondrial function and DNA during reoxygenation to promote endothelial cell survival and reverse pulmonary hypertension.

Cell metabolism

Diebold I, Hennigs JK, Miyagawa K, Li CG, Nickel NP, Kaschwich M, Cao A, Wang L, Reddy S, Chen PI, Nakahira K, Alcazar MA, Hopper RK, Ji L, Feldman BJ, Rabinovitch M

Using SRM-MS to quantify nuclear protein abundance differences between adipose tissue depots of insulin-resistant mice.

Journal of lipid research

Ota A, Kovary KM, Wu OH, Ahrends R, Shen WJ, Costa MJ, Feldman BJ, Kraemer FB, Teruel MN

Novel GATA6 mutations in patients with pancreatic agenesis and congenital heart malformations.

PloS one

Chao CS, McKnight KD, Cox KL, Chang AL, Kim SK, Feldman BJ

The development of next-generation screening and diagnostic platforms will change diabetes care.

Expert review of molecular diagnostics

Kumar RB, Gupta M, Feldman BJ

A plasmonic chip for biomarker discovery and diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

Nature medicine

Zhang B, Kumar RB, Dai H, Feldman BJ

The role of vitamin D in reducing cancer risk and progression.

Nature reviews. Cancer

Feldman D, Krishnan AV, Swami S, Giovannucci E, Feldman BJ

Adipose circadian clocks: coordination of metabolic rhythms by clock genes, steroid hormones, and PPARs.

Hormone molecular biology and clinical investigation

Krueger KC, Feldman BJ

Cell-autonomous regulation of brown fat identity gene UCP1 by unliganded vitamin D receptor.

Molecular endocrinology (Baltimore, Md.)

Malloy PJ, Feldman BJ

Circadian rhythm gene period 3 is an inhibitor of the adipocyte cell fate.

The Journal of biological chemistry

Costa MJ, So AY, Kaasik K, Krueger KC, Pillsbury ML, Fu YH, Ptacek LJ, Yamamoto KR, Feldman BJ

Glucocorticoid regulation of the circadian clock modulates glucose homeostasis.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

So AY, Bernal TU, Pillsbury ML, Yamamoto KR, Feldman BJ

Conservation analysis predicts in vivo occupancy of glucocorticoid receptor-binding sequences at glucocorticoid-induced genes.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

So AY, Cooper SB, Feldman BJ, Manuchehri M, Yamamoto KR

Is your metabolism determined by (cell) fate?

Pediatric research

Feldman BJ

Report of a hürthle cell neoplasm in a peripubertal girl.

Thyroid : official journal of the American Thyroid Association

Bremer AA, Feldman BJ, Iezza G, Clark OH, Rosenthal SM

Cardiac troponin increases among runners in the Boston Marathon.

Annals of emergency medicine

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Nephrogenic syndrome of inappropriate antidiuresis (NSIAD): a paradigm for activating mutations causing endocrine dysfunction.

Pediatric endocrinology reviews : PER

Rosenthal SM, Feldman BJ, Vargas GA, Gitelman SE

Myostatin modulates adipogenesis to generate adipocytes with favorable metabolic effects.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Feldman BJ, Streeper RS, Farese RV, Yamamoto KR

Nephrogenic syndrome of inappropriate antidiuresis: a novel disorder in water balance in pediatric patients.

The American journal of medicine

Gitelman SE, Feldman BJ, Rosenthal SM

Oral urea for the treatment of chronic syndrome of inappropriate antidiuresis in children.

The Journal of pediatrics

Huang EA, Feldman BJ, Schwartz ID, Geller DH, Rosenthal SM, Gitelman SE

Nephrogenic syndrome of inappropriate antidiuresis.

The New England journal of medicine

Feldman BJ, Rosenthal SM, Vargas GA, Fenwick RG, Huang EA, Matsuda-Abedini M, Lustig RH, Mathias RS, Portale AA, Miller WL, Gitelman SE

The development of androgen-independent prostate cancer.

Nature reviews. Cancer

Feldman BJ, Feldman D

Research Area: 
Adipocyte and Metabolism