Human Metabolism (Core A)

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Alka Kanaya, MD | Core A Director

Galateia Kazakia, PhD | Core A Co-Director

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The Human Metabolism Core provides an integrated infrastructure for NORC investigators who currently conduct  human research. The core consists of a number of services that provide consulting with study design, subject recruitment, and statistical analyses, conducting clinical research, and an array of specialized NORC-focused methods, instruments, and facilities for human body composition/metabolism, radiologic imaging  and biobehavioral measurements that enable several aspects of research into human nutrition, obesity and metabolism at UCSF.

Services Supported by the NORC Human Metabolism

Service Area 1: Human Body Composition, Exercise and Metabolism

Provides sophisticated methods and expertise in measuring diverse indices of body composition, metabolic activity and functional capacity and provides important outcomes for research in nutrition, obesity and metabolism.

Service Area 2: Human Imaging

Provides advanced, capabilities to conduct and interpret non-invasive imaging of research participants for tissue distributions and metabolic activities of high relevance to research into nutrition, obesity and metabolism.

Service Area 3: CTSI Consultation Services

The CTSI Consultation Services offers NORC members easily accessible, comprehensive, and integrated consultation in the areas of clinical and translational research.

Service Area 4: CTSI Clinical Research Services

CTSI Clinical Research Services provides clinical and translational research infrastructure for UCSF investigators to study pathogenesis and treatment spanning the spectrum of human disease. 

Service Area 5: Metabolic Laboratory Assay Unit (UC Davis)

Conducts assays (ELISAs, RIAs, enzymatic assays) such as lipid panels, glucose, insulin, free fatty acids, apolipoproteins, CRP, adipokines, ghrelin, GLP-1, glucagon, and inflammatory panel from research study samples.