Guo Huang, PhD

Associate Prof in Residence
Cardiovascular Research Inst
+1 415 502-2873

B.S. Peking University (summa cum laude)
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Medical Institute (Phi Beta Kappa)
Postdoc. UT Southwestern Medical Center (Life Sciences Research Foundation Fellow)


Adrenergic-Thyroid Hormone Interactions Drive Postnatal Thermogenesis and Loss of Mammalian Heart Regenerative Capacity.


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Lamin B2, Guardian of Cardiomyocyte Nuclear Division.

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Peptidyl-prolyl isomerase FKBP52 controls chemotropic guidance of neuronal growth cones via regulation of TRPC1 channel opening.


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STIM1 gates TRPC channels, but not Orai1, by electrostatic interaction.

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Huang GN, Zeng W, Kim JY, Yuan JP, Han L, Muallem S, Worley PF

Research Area: 
Adipocyte and Metabolism