Genetics and Genomics (Core C)

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Jeremy Reiter, Director

The Genetics and Genomics Core provides an array of sophisticated methods and instruments that enable human genetic and genomics research and/or the tools to generate genetic models to test hypotheses.

NORC members wishing to benefit from NORC support when accessing these services please contact  Jeremy

Services Supported by the NORC Genetics and Genomics Core:

Service Area 1: Genomics Services

Provides key services for genetic and genomic research, including DNA extraction, SNP genotyping, gene expression, DNA and RNA sequencing, and data analysis/storage.

Service Area 2: Viracore

Provides information, training, assistance and resources for experiments to be performed by individual investigators by providing: 1) Essential reagents, equipment, training, supervision, and monitoring of investigators wishing to ensure the proper compliance with biosafety containment required for lentiviral-based research. 2) Lentiviral preparation services for investigators. 3) Education on RNAi experimentation, through the lentiviral core website, and through protocols available at the facility.

Service Area 3: Gene Targeting

Provides high-quality ES cell services with a high probability of germline transmission. The core offers ES cell targeting, genomic DNA extraction from 96-well plates, expansion of targeted ES cells, chromosome counts, and preparation of ES cells for microinjection, to all UCSF investigators as well as external investigators.

Service Area 4: Transgenics

Provides services including microinjection of DNA for producing transgenic mice, microinjection of ES cells for producing gene knock-out mice, and 8 cell microinjection for producing 100% ES cell derived mouse embryos or mice.

Service Area 5: Cryopreservation and Resuscitation

Provide services including Sperm and Embryo Cryopreservation; Sperm and Embryo Resuscitation; and Expansion by In Vitro Fertilization. The purpose of Cryopreservation Core is to ensure: Preservation; Protection; Availability: and Sharing capacities.

Service Area 6: Rederivation

Provides services that consist of collection in vitro maturation and embryo transplant.The rederivation procedure by which an early, pre-implantation stage embryo is isolated from the reproductive tract of one mouse (donor female) and transferred to the reproductive tract of a mouse (recipient female) made pseudopregnant in order to allow implantation, gestation, and birth.