Seminars I Retreats I Past Events

Weekly seminar series held each Thursday at 4 pm, of the academic calendar. All seminars are announced UCSF-wide and available for all to attend. The seminars contain a mix of nutrition, obesity and metabolism-related studies, together with studies in other fields.

Date Seminar Title Presenter Affiliation
10/12/2017 The Dark Side of the Definitive Endoderm David Scheel, Specialist German Lab, UCSF
10/19/2017 Regulation of Metabolic Efficiency Allison Xu, Associate Professor UCSF
10/26/2017 The Yin and Yang in Type 2 Diabetes Rami Jaafar, Postdoc Bhushan Lab, UCSF
Investigating the role of MAFB in human β-cell biology Russel Ronan, Postdoc Hebrok Lab, UCSF
11/2/2017 Genomic characterization of hypothalamic leptin response in vivo Fumitaka Inoue, Postdoc Ahituv Lab, UCSF
The impact of thymic insulin presentation in shaping the repertoire of islet-specific T-cells Benjamin Yuen, Postdoc Anderson Lab, UCSF
11/9/2017 Diabetic bone disease: understanding the significance and etiology of cortical bone porosity in diabetes Galateia Kazakia, Associate Professor Ucsf
11/30/2017 Understanding Type 1 Diabetes Genetics: The Importance of HLA Janelle A. Noble, Senior Scientist Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute
1/18/2018 Discovering novel gene expression regulators by dCas9 fusion screen Kol Jia Yong, Postdoc McManus Lab, UCSF
Antigen presentation by Thymic stromal cells enforcing central tolerance Irina Proekt, Postdoc Anderson Lab, UCSF
1/25/2018 A novel endocrine progenitor population defined by Fev expression in the developing pancreas Daniel Wong, Graduate Student Sneddon Lab, UCSF
2/1/2018 The role of microglia as hypothalamic regulators of energy balance Martin Valdeorcos-Contreras, Associate Professional Researcher Koliwad Lab, UCSF
2/8/2018 SERCA2b mediated calcium cycling regulates UCP1-independent thermogenesis in beige adipocytes Kenji Ikeda, Postdoc Kajimura Lab, UCSF
2/15/2018   Andrew Brack, PhD UCSF
  Drp1 is required for the metabolic amplifying pathway of insulin secretion Thomas Hennings, Graduate student Ku Lab, UCSF
Pancreatic mesenchymal dynamics in development and disease Lauren Byrnes, Graduate Student Sneddon Lab, UCSF
4/5/2018 A Patient-derived Xenograft Model of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Identifies Sapanisertib as a Possible New Treatment for Everolimus-Resistant Tumors Chester Chamberlain, Assistant Researcher German Lab, UCSF
4/12/2018 Development of citrullinated-vimentin-specific CAR for targeting Tregs to treat autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis Caroline Raffine, Postdoc Bluestone Lab, UCSF
Glycolytic beige fat formation from myogenic intermediate Yong Chen, Postdoc Kajimura Lab, UCSF
4/26/2018 Novel MRI Techniques for the Assessment of Diabetes and Obesity related outcomes Roland Krug, PhD UCSF
5/10/2018 Death of a beta cell- A novel model of autoimmune diabetes Jeremy Warshauer, Clinical Fellow Anderson Lab, UCSF



Endocrine Grand Rounds held each Wednesday, 8:30 am, of the academic calendar.

Date Seminar Title Presenter Affiliation
6/21/2017 Identifying Genetic Variants in Patients with Mild Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Kelly Wentworth, MD UCSF
6/28/2017 Gut hormones and skeletal changes after gastric bypass surgery Tiffany Kim, MD UCSF
7/5/2017 New Onset DM in Adolescent: Type 2 DM vs MODY COMBINED CONFERENCE-PEDS-Ayca Erkin-Cakmak UCSF
8/2/2017 Reproductive Consequences of Pituitary Iron Deposition COMBINED CONFERENCE-REPRO Amanda Adeleye UCSF
9/6/2017 Hypertriglyceridemia-induced Pancreatitis COMBINED CONFERENCE-MED Stephanie Kim UCSF
9/27/2017 Novel Roles for Adipose Tissue: Lessons from Lipodystrophy Charles Harris, MD, PhD Washington University
10/4/2017 A Case of Primary Amenorrhea: Diagnosis and Reproductive Management COMBINED CONFERENCE-REPRO Eleni Greenwood UCSF
10/11/2017   Hakan Cakmak UCSF
10/18/2017 Anti-anabolic signaling in Bone Robert Nissenson, PhD UCSF
10/25/2017 Recent advances in closed-loop control for type 1 diabetes Bruce Buckingham, MD Stanford University
11/1/2017 Male with 46,XX Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia COMBINED CONFERENCE-PEDS Jennifer Zabinsky UCSF
11/8/2017 Innovations in inpatient glucose management: Fixing what you didn’t know was broken. Rob Rushakoff UCSF
11/15/2017 Recent Clinical Insights into Cushing Syndrome in Children and Adolescents Maya Lodish, MD, MHSc NIH
11/29/2017 Innovative therapies for bone and mineral disorders: Anti-FGF23 in X-Linked Hypophosphatemia Tom Carpenter Yale University
12/6/2017 introduction to HDL dyslipidemias COMBINED CONFERENCE-MED-Cheng Cheng UCSF
12/13/2017 Risk stratification of thyroid in 2017: new aspects and practical implementation Robert Michael Tuttle, MD MSKCC
1/3/2018 Pituitary Gigantism COMBINED CONFERENCE-PEDS Armaiti Mody UCSF
1/10/2018 CAH-New Developments in Complications And Treatments Mitchell Geffner, MD UCLA
1/17/2018 Peiatric Obesity-Assessment, Treatment & Prevention: 2017 Evidence Based Clinical Guidelines Dennis Styne, MD UC Davis
1/24/2018 Using Kisspeptin to Probe the Human Reproductive Endocrine System Yee-Ming Chan, MD, PhD Harvard
1/31/2018 Hyperglycemia in Cystic Fibrosis: Collateral Damage & Other Culpable Parties Andrea Kelly, MD MSCE Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
2/7/2018 A case of secondary amenorrhea: clinical update on a rare disorder COMBINED CONFERENCE-Eleni Greenwood, MD UCSF
2/14/2018 Emerging Molecular Technologies for Research in Endocrinology and Metabolism. Antisense Makes Sense John Kane, MD, PhD UCSF
2/21/2018 Treatment of Obesity and Associated Diseases With Leptin Sensitizers Uzmat Ozkan, MD Boston Children’s Hospital
2/28/2018 Canceled    
3/7/2018 A Case of Gynecomastia: A Clinical Update on Anabolic Steroid Abuse COMBINED CONFERENCE- Karin Wu, MD, UCSF
3/14/2018 Human Genetics and Therapeutic Targets in Lipid Metabolism Daniel Rader, MD University of Pennsylvania
3/21/2018 Function of Neonatal Hypothalamic Circuits in Physiology and Behavior Marcelo Dietrich, MD, PhD Yale University
3/28/2018 Aging & Osteoporosis in men: New Developments & Directions Eric Orwoll, MD Oregon Health Sciences University
4/4/2018 Insulinomas and Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1 COMBINED CONFERENCE- Jenny Zabinsky, MD UCSF
4/11/2018 Collateral Damage: Endocrine Toxicities Following Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Zoe Quandt, MD UCSF
4/18/2018 Challenges in Diabetic Care in the Food Pantry Setting Eric Bomberg, MD UCSF
4/25/2018 A Novel Mendelian Model of Autoimmune Diabetes Jeremy Warshauer, MD UCSF
5/2/2018 Fertility Preservation and Family Building for Transgender Men COMBINED CONFERENCE- Amanda Adeleye, MD UCSF
5/9/2018 Collateral Damage: Endocrine Toxicities Following Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Zoe Quandt, MD UCSF
5/16/2018 Bone Health in Transgender Youth Janet Lee, MD UCSF
5/23/2018   Ayca Erkin Cakmak, MD UCSF
5/30/2018   Alyssa Huang, MD UCSF