Recharge Rates and Schedule



The philosophy of the Core is to provide access to necessary instrumentation in a highly efficient and economical fashion. The Core sustains equipment maintenance through recharges. Consolidating equipment use amongst a wide variety of investigators ensures optimal equipment use, thereby providing economy in equipment maintenance. Recharge rates for the use of metabolic chambers (CLAMS), EchoMRI, DEXA and Seahorse analyzers are based upon maintenance and service contract costs. The recharge rates are approved by the UCSF Recharge Office.

All UCSF and affiliated laboratories pay the same rates as listed below. As UCSF subsidizes facilities maintenance, external academic researchers must pay an additional 26% overhead charge. Some instruments, pending available use patterns, may also be used by external, commercial researchers at rates contracted through the UCSF Technology Transfer Office. Please contact this Core for enquiries.

CLAMS: it consists of 16 metabolic chambers.

Charge is split proportionally when the 16 cages are shared amongst multiple investigators. For example, 6 animals for user #1 and 10 animals for user #2, user #1 will pay 6 x 1/16th of total cost and user #2 will pay 10 x 1/16th of total cost.

New CLAMS cancellation policy, effective June 1, 2016.

We are encouraging users to cancel a planned run in a timely manner. Actually Recharge Rate for a 4-day run can be found below.

User will be charged:

- 75% of Recharge Rate if cancelling within one week before scheduled time

- 50% within two weeks

- 25% within three weeks

- nothing, if cancelled more than three weeks prior to the scheduled run OR user finds somebody to replace him/her at any time

DEXA Piximus:
The anesthesia kit is provided at no charge by LARC floor supervisor, although it has to be reserved in advance on 6th floor PSB (reservation sheet).

EchoMRI: EchoMRI-3in1™ for Live Animals (Mice), Organs, and Biopsy:

Seahorse Bioscience XFe24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer.

Labs can buy their own FluxPaks through Agilent, but we do offer individual extracellular flux assay kit (the sensor cartridge, a utility plate to hydrate the sensor and a cell culture microplate.) for a fee. Calibrant is available on the shelf behind the analyzer.

DRC members benefit from a special discounted rate (except for Direct Assistance). It is currently set to 30%, but it might vary in the future. Please click here for membership application.


FY 2018-19 RECHARGE Rate Schedule