Grand Rounds

Endocrine Grand Rounds are held every Wednesday from 8:30 to 9:30 am during the academic year. The NORC, Endocrine Division, and other UCSF departments, jointly support this series.

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Location: UCSF, 401 Parnassus Ave, Langley Porter Auditorium, Room LP-190 & video conference 1st Wednesdays.

Upcoming Grand Rounds Seminars 

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Past Seminars

Date Title and Presenter 

July 14, 2022

8:00 - 9:00 a.m.

Exploring sub-genomic mechanisms in Cushing's Disease

Prashant Chittiboina, MD, MPH, Investigator, Neurosurgery Unit for Pituitary and Inheritable Diseases, Surgical Neurology

June 29, 2022

9:00 am

Denosumab to Prevent High-Turnover Bone Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Eileen Koh, MD, Clinical Fellow, Adult Endocrinology, UCSF

June 29, 2022

8:30 am

Brain Determinants of Dynamic Bone Remodeling in Females

Muriel Babey, MD, Clinical Fellow, Adult Endocrinology, UCSF

June 22, 2022

9:10 am

Wearable Vibration Device to Improve Bone Quality in Postmenopausal Women

Avni Mody, MD, Clinical Fellow, Adult Endocrinology, UCSF

June 22, 2022

8:30-9:10 am

Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue (BMAT) and Skeletal Health in Type 2 Diabetes

Jessica Shu, MD and Avni Mody, MD, Clinical Fellows, Adult Endocrinology, UCSF

June 15, 2022

9:00 am

Provider Comfort in the Care of Youth with Nonbinary Gender Identities

Abby Cobb-Walch, MD, Clinical Fellow, Adult Endocrinology, UCSF

June 15, 2022

8:30 am

Novel Combination Therapy for Osteoporosis in Men

Thomas Fandel, MD, Clinical Fellow, Adult Endocrinology, UCSF

May 25, 2022

Inpatient Diabetes Insights and Innovations

Paras Mehta, MD, Clinical Fellow, Endocrinology, UCSF

May 18, 2022

(9:00 am)

Continuous vs Cyclic OCP Use (CCOUP) Study: A Pilot RCT Exploring OCP Schedule on PCOS Symptoms

Jerrine Morris, MD, MPH, Clinical Fellow, Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility and

May 18, 2022

(8:30 am)

A machine learning algorithm can optimize the day of trigger to improve in vitro fertilization outcomes

Eduardo Hariton, MD, MBA, Clinical Fellow, Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility 

May 11, 2022

Endocrine Disorders of FGF23

Michael Collins, MD, Senior Clinical Investigator, NIH NIDCR

May 4, 2022

Acromegaly, Review and Diseases in Pregnancy

Anand Narayanan, MD, Clinical Fellow, Medicine

April 27, 2022

Molecular Insights Into The Pathology of Hyperparathyroidism

Wenhan Chang, PhD, Professor, Medicine

Arpil 20, 2022

How Infertility and Treatments can Affect Human Placenta Function

Margareta Pisarska, MD, Associate Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cedars Sinai Medical Center

April 13, 2022

Nutrition and Skeletal Health: Updates and Controversies

Deborah Sellmeyer, MD, Clinical Professor, Medicine - Endocrinology, Gerontology, & Metabolism, Stanford

April 6, 2022

Through the Ages: A Case of Recurrent Paraganglioma

Tina Hu, MD, Fellow, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolismugh the Ages: A Case of Recurrent Paraganglioma

March 30, 2022

Genetics of pituitary tumors

Marta Korbonits, MD, PhD, DSc, FRCP, Professor, Endocrinology, Queen Mary, University of London

March 23, 2022

Sex & fat & blood & bones: bone marrow adipose tissue as a novel regulator of immune function, bone biology and metabolic health

William Cawthorn, PhD, PI, Lecturer, Deanery of Clinical Sciences, University of Edinburg

March 16, 2022

Skeletal Fragility in Type 1 Diabetes

Deborah M. Mitchell, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatric

March 9, 2022

Endocrine and paracrine aspects of PCOS

Antoni Duleba, MD, Professor

March 2, 2022

Gynecologic considerations for patients with Turner Syndrome

Maren Shapiro Eger, MD, Clinical Fellow, Endocrinology