Genetics and Genomics (Core C)

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Jeremy Reiter, Director

The Genetics and Genomics Core provides an array of sophisticated methods and instruments that enable human genetic and genomics research and/or the tools to generate genetic models to test hypotheses.

NORC members wishing to benefit from NORC support when accessing these services please contact  Jeremy Reiter:[email protected]

Services Supported by the NORC Genetics and Genomics Core:

Service Area 1: Genomics Services

Provides key services for genetic and genomic research, including DNA extraction, SNP genotyping, gene expression, DNA and RNA sequencing, and data analysis/storage.

Service Area 2: Viracore

Provides information, training, assistance and resources for experiments to be performed by individual investigators by providing: 1) Essential reagents, equipment, training, supervision, and monitoring of investigators wishing to ensure the proper compliance with biosafety containment required for lentiviral-based research. 2) Lentiviral preparation services for investigators. 3) Education on RNAi experimentation, through the lentiviral core website, and through protocols available at the facility.

Service Area 3: Gene Targeting

Provides high-quality ES cell services with a high probability of germline transmission. The core offers ES cell targeting, genomic DNA extraction from 96-well plates, expansion of targeted ES cells, chromosome counts, and preparation of ES cells for microinjection, to all UCSF investigators as well as external investigators.

Service Area 4: Transgenics

Provides services including microinjection of DNA for producing transgenic mice, microinjection of ES cells for producing gene knock-out mice, and 8 cell microinjection for producing 100% ES cell derived mouse embryos or mice.

Service Area 5: Cryopreservation and Resuscitation

Provide services including Sperm and Embryo Cryopreservation; Sperm and Embryo Resuscitation; and Expansion by In Vitro Fertilization. The purpose of Cryopreservation Core is to ensure: Preservation; Protection; Availability: and Sharing capacities.

Service Area 6: Rederivation

Provides services that consist of collection in vitro maturation and embryo transplant.The rederivation procedure by which an early, pre-implantation stage embryo is isolated from the reproductive tract of one mouse (donor female) and transferred to the reproductive tract of a mouse (recipient female) made pseudopregnant in order to allow implantation, gestation, and birth.